I consider it as a great privilege to address my friends everywhere through our website. First of all I use this occasion to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and appreciate my parish youth league members for opening a website for the sakhyam.

The word ‘GROW’ has special significance the Bible. God’s all creation especially we human beings – made in the image of God – has inherent in us, the possibility to grow. It is by the Grace of God and through proper use of potentialities in phentermine and around us that the growth can be achieved. We read about the Baby Jesus that he grew.. And God placed his special favour upon him (Luk. 2:40) and he was covered by God (Luk. 2:52). In Eph. 4:15 St. Paul exhorts us to become or grow more and more in every way like Christ.

We are in a fast growing world. Even though we see unhealthy competitions there are healthy competitions in the society that are necessary for growth. The growth in media and communication is marvelous. The invention of World Web (www) enable our sakhyam also to have regular touch with people everywhere. We have to see God’s Love and Concern in every development and have to give thanks to God for everything.

May the sakhyam website be a blessing to us and be glorifying to the Lord.

With Love and Prayer,
P Mathew Achen